Contrasting English Queens

Victoria and Elizabeth II are Queens of England, and are related by blood, but that is where the similarity ends.

For instance, Queen Victoria was emotional, petty, politically relevant, culturally relevant, and a dynamic personality. But Elizabeth II was not.

Victoria's Contribution to the Historical Record

Written Documentation

Queen Victory wrote 60 million words in her lifetime.

This includes her journal, which fill 122 volumes in the Royal Archive, even after heavy redaction.

Her book Our Life in the Highlands, was a best-seller.

Queen Victoria also constantly wrote letters.

Victoria's Political Relevance

Grandmother of Europe

Queen Victoria was known as the Grandmother of Europe.

Having spread her seed amongst Nobility and Royalty all over Europe, and engaged in constant coorespondence, she had a profound effect upon International Politics. In theory this was a key reason why there were no World Wars between Napoleon and World War One.

British Empire

It should be noted however, that the British Empire was at war every single year of her 64-year reign, and it was during her reign that the British Empire reached its zenith.

Victoria's Cultural Relevance

Arts and Culture

Queen Victoria was a huge patron of the arts, and her legacy included Royal Albert Hall, and statues of Prince Albert were erected all over the British Empire.

Customs and Morality

The court of Victoria and Albert was outwardly morally uptight, and this percolated through society. The manner in which Christmas was (and still is) celebrated throughout the Western World, was derived from traditions begun during the Victorian Era.

Perhaps reflecting their sheltered upbringing, they were quite naive and would laugh at any stupid little joke. How annoying!

Victoria's Dynamic Personality


In the Bedchamber Crisis, of 1839, Government dissolved because Victoria refused to replace her ladies-in-waiting with the wives of the new ministers.

In her photos she never smiled. But contemporary reports suggest that Victoria did frequently smile, and could really light up the room.

Mental Depression

Queen Victoria suffered from postpartum depression which poisoned her relationship with her children and husband.

Upon Prince Albert's untimely death, The Queen entered several years of seclusion and wore black for the rest of her life.

Temper Tantrums

Unfortunately, Albert and Victoria frequently squabbled, events which usually featured a "scene".

Daddy Issues

As a result of a troubled upbringing with a controlling stepfather, Victoria suffered from "Daddy Issues", and developed obsessive attachments to Prime Minister Melbourne, her husband, as well as house servants John Brown, and Abdul Karim.


Victoria's innappropriate favouritism towards Brown and Karim, both foreigners, caused resentment amongst her staff.


Queen Victoria made impolite remarks about other people.

Queen Elizabeth II

In her youth Elizabeth once outrageously exclaimed, "My Goodness!"


Queen Victoria and Queen Elizabeth II were very different from each other.

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